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As a roofing company with a proven track record stretching back to our establishment in 1984, we have extensive experience with guttering, fascias and soffits. Known collectively as the ‘roofline’, these features create a system that keeps roofs in the best possible condition. The primary function of a roofline system remains simple: remove water from the roof area and prevent moisture ingress. As reputable roofing contractors, we ensure that our clients’ guttering, fascias and soffits do exactly that.

From Oxford to Headington and the surrounding areas we cover in Oxfordshire, we carry out roofline work and specialist roof repairs with more than 60 years of shared trade and industry experience.

When it comes to the roofline, our roofers carry out the following services:

  • New Guttering, Fascia & Soffit Installation

  • Products in various Colours to Match Roofs, Windows & Doors

  • Easy to Maintain, Highly Durable uPVC Material

  • Repairs to Existing Guttering, Fascias & Soffits

  • Gutter Cleaning & Unblocking Services

Quite simply, as your roofing company of choice, we cover every aspect of guttering, fascias and soffits to ensure a fully functional roofline system.

Please visit our references page to see what our clients have had to say about our roofing services. If you’d like to view examples of the results we achieve, please visit the previous work page.

A Closer Look at Roofline Products

Despite their importance, guttering, fascias and soffits often go overlooked when it comes to overall property development and maintenance. As such, we have taken a closer look at the vital role performed by these products below.

Our customers should note that roofline systems on end-of-terrace, semi-detached and detached homes also include a bargeboard and box end. Much like the guttering, fascias and soffits that we install and maintain as roofing contractors, these predominantly come in uPVC for superior durability.


We attach guttering to the fascia board with a barely perceptible fall. This slight angle optimises rainwater drainage, allowing it to pass swiftly and safely into the downspout. In addition, we guarantee a watertight construction with the strength to withstand high winds and storms.

Whether we’re hired as a roofing company to install new guttering in Oxford or to clear existing systems in Headington, our roofers ensure that future rainwater runs away from the roof unobstructed, minimising the likelihood of moisture ingress.


A fascia consists of a long, straight board extending along the lower edge of a roof. As both a functional and aesthetic device, the fascia not only supports the first row of tiles, it also conceals the unsightly overhang of roof rafters.

Working in conjunction with the soffit below, fascias make up part of the watertight seal surrounding the exposed timber, protecting it against the effects of rain and ice. In turn, this minimises the chances of rot or damp problems and associated roof repairs.


Homeowners in Oxford, Headington and beyond can find these features running along the underside of a roof overhang. While the fascias installed by our team protect the feet of the rafters, soffits shield the exposed underside from rot and moisture damage.

As your chosen roofing company, we can also install soffits with ventilation grates where required. This feature improves the airflow around the interior loft space. By regulating the temperature during the extreme seasons of summer and winter, our roofers further reduce the risk of timber decay.

As the roofing contractors of choice, P & R Roofing offers our clients in Oxford and the wider Oxfordshire area durable uPVC rooflines, the addition of instant kerb appeal and a reduction in the chances of needing roof repairs in the near future.

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