Flat Roofing in Oxford, Abingdon & the Wider Oxfordshire Area

P & R Roofing Ltd has vast experience with the installation and repair of flat roofing in Oxfordshire. As a family-run roofing company, we pride ourselves on offering traditional customer service backed by outstanding workmanship. With a team of roofers sharing more than six decades of trade and industry experience, our EPDM and felt roofs not only meet but exceed the expectations of homeowners in Oxford, Headington, Abingdon and the surrounding areas. If you’re a domestic or commercial property owner searching for roofing contractors to undertake a new flat roof installation or flat roof repairs, look no further than P & R Roofing.


From our base in Horspath, we provide the following in our flat roofing service:


• New EPDM Roofing or EPDM Roof Repairs

• New Bitumen Felt Roofing or Bitumen Felt Roof Repairs

• Complete Start-to-Finish Project Management

• 24-Hour Emergency Callout for Flat Roof Repairs


Whether it’s on a garage, a house extension, a commercial unit or a school, P & R Roofing provides flat roofing solutions tailored to suit the needs of any client.


To schedule an initial consultation with our roofers at your property in Oxford or any of the neighbouring areas, please contact us.

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A Closer Look at Our Flat Roofing Range


For the benefit of homeowners considering flat roofing work, we have taken a closer look below at the range we offer as roofing contractors.


EPDM Flat Roofing – As a time-served roofing company, we have seen first-hand the outstanding durability this synthetic rubber roofing membrane provides. Manufacturers of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofing derive their products from two primary ingredients – ethylene and propylene. Sourced from oil and natural gas, these ingredients lay the foundation for decades of superior waterproofing performance.


Available in a range of thicknesses starting at 1.2mm, EPDM comes in rolls of various dimensions. This allows our clients to install a single membrane for smaller roofs, or to join multiple EPDM sections for larger jobs. Either way, as roofing contractors, we lay EPDM membranes through the use of liquid adhesives and specially formulated tape.


Whichever option our clients in Oxford, Abingdon, Headington or the wider Oxfordshire area choose, the result remains the same: a high-performance watertight roof.


Bitumen Felt Roofing – Consisting of two elements, namely a waterproofing agent and a ‘carrier’, felt roofing has long held its popularity as a cost-effective, highly durable flat roofing solution. During our time as a roofing company, technological advancements have seen the introduction of polyester as the ‘carrier’ that holds the bitumen water proofing agent. With impressive flexibility and a virtually untearable quality, polyester withstands the demands placed upon roofs exposed to the elements.


Likewise, the old-style bitumen has been enhanced with the additional of chemicals such as APP (actactic polypropylene) and SBS (styrene butadiene styradene). These additions make for a much more high-tensile product.


With multiple layers of roofing felt bonded together at high temperature, our roofers then apply the material in Oxford and the surrounding areas through the use of heat application methods, most commonly torch-on or roll-and-pour. These methods melt the bitumen layers, allowing our roofers to apply the roofing felt to a layer of underlay.


Benefits of EPDM & Felt Flat Roofing


The advantages of EPDM flat roofing laid by professional roofing contractors include:


• Easy Installation & Roof Repairs

• Waterproof & Wind Resistant

• Ozone & UV Stable

• Outstanding Longevity

• Environmentally Friendly

• Energy Efficient


Benefits of having bitumen felt roofing laid by a reputable roofing company include:


• Simple for Experienced Roofers to Install

• Protects Against Wind & Rain

• Unaffected by Hot Sunlight or UV Rays

• Cost-Effective, Low Maintenance Roofing

• A Versatile Option to Suit Any Flat Roof

• Light Enough to be Supported by Any Structure


If you’re a property owner in Oxford, Abingdon, Headington or the wider Oxfordshire area in need of new flat roofing or flat roof repairs, call 01865 875 523 or 07836 687 672.

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