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Since our establishment as a roofing company in 1984, P & R Roofing Ltd has been providing the residents of Oxfordshire with trusted and reliable roofing services. From slating and tiling to leadwork and roof repairs, if a home needs any kind of roofing work, we remain the only choice for discerning homeowners. Operating across the region in locations such as Oxford, Headington and Didcot, our roofers have long been renowned for their outstanding workmanship and courteous, helpful manner.

But don’t simply take our word for it; visit our references page to see what clients have to say about our services. We also invite you to view examples of our previous work.

We offer the following services:

  • New Tiled Roofs & Tile Repairs

  • New Slate Roofs & Slate Repairs

  • New Flat Roofs & Flat Roof Repairs

  • Ridge & Hip Tiling Work

  • School Roofing Services

  • Leadwork

  • Chimney Repairs & Pointing

  • Moss Removal

  • Ventilation Systems

  • Emergency Roof Repairs

Whichever roofing service our clients in Oxford and the surrounding areas require, they receive the complete service package. P & R Roofing only employs time-served, qualified roofers that meet our own standards for workmanship and motivation.

No job is too big or small, so please contact us today to get your roofing project started.

A Closer Look at Our Roofing Services

For the benefit of our clients in Oxford, Headington and the neighbouring areas, we have taken a closer look at the core services we provide as a roofing company below.

Tiled Roofs

Whether in slate, clay or concrete, the tiled roofs that we install as roofing contractors come in an array of options.  Slate tiles consist of quarried metamorphic rock cut into rectangular sections of varying thickness and size. Due to its natural qualities, slate offers outstanding longevity while every individual tile has a unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, slate tiles provide unrivalled fire resistance among over roofing materials and last for decades with minimal need for roof repairs.

Clay options predominantly come in the form of pantiles and Roman tiles. The former has a highly distinctive S-shaped profile, while the latter has a flat cross section with a small roll. Clay tiles, along with their concrete counterparts, stand firm against high winds and other extreme weather conditions longer than other materials. What’s more clay tiles have an imperviousness to colour softening, so they retain their vivid shades for as long as 50 years.

For those clients in Oxford and the wider Oxfordshire area on tighter budgets, clay, and particularly concrete tiles provide an impressively cost-effective roofing solution.

Hip & Ridge Tiles

In our role as roofing contractors, we usually secure hip and ridge tiles to the roof atop a concrete or mortar bed. These features play a vital role in sealing the joins of the roofing structure. We install ridge tiles along the highest point of the roof, while hip tiles run down the corner edges.

As with any roofing material, these tiles eventually succumb to the elements, necessitating roof repairs. This usually occurs when the tile bed sealing the joints between each individual tile erodes away. The erosion exposes small gaps in the pointing that steadily get bigger at a quickening rate. If we don’t carry out the necessary roof repairs, the ridge tile pointing may fall out completely, leaving the ridge itself exposed to issues like penetrating damp.


As a vastly experienced roofing company, we recognise the importance of leadwork to overall roof functionality. Whether its lead roofs, cover flashing or step flashing, we ensure that any new installations or roof repairs meet the required standards for a completely watertight roof.

Our roofers fit flashings around any feature that rises up out of the roof, for example, a chimney, a dormer loft conversion or roof valley. When applied by professional roofing contractors, leadwork stops any kind of water ingress into the internal roofing space.

Chimney Repairs & Pointing

Often “out of sight, out of mind”, homeowners in Oxford, Headington and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas sometimes let their chimneys degrade to dangerous levels. This not only poses a safety risk, it also detracts from the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

By renewing the pointing (the external part of mortar joints) of a chimney, we not only strengthen the structure and improve weather resistance but also create a far more attractive roofing feature.

Moss Removal

If a significant build-up of moss has made a roof unsightly or has started to block gutters and other drainage points, our roofers provide a safe moss removal service. If left unattended, these blocked drainage points have the potential to send rainwater into other areas of the roof or down the side of a property. This leads to further water damage issues and potentially costly roof repairs.

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