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In our role as a roofing company, P & R Roofing Ltd takes every measure possible to ensure our clients’ roofs remain in the best possible condition. In order to carry out all kinds of roof repairs on both pitched and flat roofing in Headington, we first need to be aware of the kind of issues that most commonly affect roofs. As roofing contractors with a track record stretching back to our inception in 1984, and with a team of roofers sharing more than 60 years of industry experience, we have seen and resolved all manner of roofing problems.


For the convenience of our clients in Headington and the surrounding areas, we have listed and outlined below some of the most common roofing problems we encounter.


Being Aware of Common Roofing Issues


1. Water Ingress


Moisture only needs a tiny crack or gap in a roof in order to pass through to the internal area. Once penetration has occurred, the situation will only worsen, so it’s a case of our roofers trying to catch small problems that minor roof repairs will fix. Simply allowing the situation to worsen increases the likelihood of water damage to roofing timber as well as walls and floors in the vicinity. Needless to say, damage to this extent requires serious repair work to be carried out by roofing contractors.


The most common culprit for allowing water ingress is, unsurprisingly, gaps in defences. These include slipped or cracked tiles or punctured flat roofing membranes. Roofs in Headington should provide a watertight barrier against the elements; only the smallest imperfection compromises this.


2. Faulty Installation


Unfortunately, not every roofing company operates equally. We understand that our domestic and commercial clients have tight budgets to stick to, but we always recommend avoiding ‘too-good-to-be-true’ roofing contractors. As we all know, this rarely works well and usually represents a false economy.


Poorly installed roofs tend to suffer problems much sooner than those laid by experienced, highly skilled roofers. Frequent issues include poorly placed tiles and flashing, guttering that holds too much water or misdirects it to dangerous areas and incorrectly placed nails, not to mention too few of them used in the first place.


Quite simply, in order to avoid such problems, and the costly roof repairs that come with them, choose a reputable roofing company to undertake work on your Headington property. Here at P & R Roofing, the longevity and quality of our roofing services always outweighs any initial investment.


3. Pooling Water


When rainwater starts to pool on flat roofing, it’s a sure sign that the roof system as a whole isn’t performing to optimal standards. Whether the result of a poor installation by substandard roofers or simply due to reaching the end of its lifespan, roofs that don’t transport water away in an efficient manner will ultimately lead to bigger problems in the near future.


The pool, or pools, of water add to the overall load that a roof has to bear. Over time, with no roof repairs carried out, the supporting structure weakens and eventually collapses.


If your roof in Headington has water pooling issues, contact us on 01865 875 523 or 07836 687 672 for an inspection by vastly experienced roofing contractors.


4. Tree Damage


Overhanging trees have the potential to cause serious problems for roofs. Naturally, the biggest danger comes in the form of a strong wind blowing it over, but in most cases, this remains unlikely.


A greater concern should be branches rubbing directly against roof tiles and flat roofing. Not can this rub away the top layer of tiles, exposing them to water damage, they even knock them off completely. In regard to flat roofing, overhanging branches swaying in high winds can puncture and penetrate protective membranes, breaking the watertight seal.


While we always try to find a solution as your chosen roofing company, the answer in these cases usually lies with tree surgeons in the Headington area.


If you’re a homeowner in Headington searching for locally trusted roofing contractors, call 01865 875 523 or 07836 687 672 to speak with one of our roofers.

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