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When carried out by reputable roofing contractors, any roofing service provides property owners in Abingdon with an array of benefits. Due to various factors, most commonly budget limitations, improving the roofing of a property needs to be carried out in stages. Naturally, emergency tiled roof repairs take precedence over replacing aged flat roofing that still has some service in it. As a time-served roofing company, we tailor our approach to ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefits from their particular roofing service.


With a team of roofers sharing more than six decades of trade and industry experience, we not only deliver beneficial results, but ones that exceed expectations as well.


Below, we have outlined some of the benefits our clients in Abingdon receive when opting for our core services.


The Advantages of Our Roofing Services


1. Roof Repairs


Whether as part of regular maintenance or in an unforeseen emergency, roof repairs play a vital role in prolonging the lifespan of roofing structures. In fact, when compared to roofs that undergo no maintenance work at all, those that have inspections and repairs undertaken by experienced roofers can last up to twice as long.


To the untrained eye, roofs usually look in fine condition when they could be only a storm away from severe damage. As the front line of protection for families in Abingdon and their possessions, it remains cost-effective to have qualified roofing contractors inspect roofs before any damage occurs.


Undertaking small-scale roof repairs to fix minor issues offers greater value for money than large-scale work or even replacing the roof altogether. In addition, a regularly maintained roof free of major repair works for the foreseeable future provides a far more attractive proposition for prospective homeowners.


2. Flat Roofing


In our role as a roofing company, we have seen a vast improvement in flat roofing technology since our establishment in 1984. Now, flat roofing installations have become incredibly popular additions to Abingdon homes. The primary benefit of flat roofing remains the cost. From design to installation, flat roofing offers a solution that fits almost every budget. When installed by our highly skilled roofers, these roofs also last for decades to come if correctly maintained.


Further advantages include making use of the finished roof and an increased versatility. In regard to the first point, our clients can place features such as solar panels or air conditioning units on their flat roof in order to keep them out of sight. Where structures allow, homeowners can even utilise flat roofing spaces as rooftop gardens or other living areas.


As for versatility, structures with flat roofs offer a wider range of options for the interior space beneath them. Top floor flats and living spaces in the loft become much more viable without the hindrance of the sloping walls that come with pitched roofs.


3. Guttering, Fascias & Soffits


These features, known as ‘roofline’ products, play a vital role in the ongoing performance of roofs in Abingdon and beyond. As locally trusted roofing contractors, we ensure that our roofers carry out work on guttering, fascias and soffits to the very highest of standards. By doing so, we maximise the benefits that they provide.


The majority of roofline products that we install or maintain as a roofing company consist of uPVC. As a virtually maintenance-free material, these fascias, soffits and gutters never warp, rot, fade or flake. With such low-maintenance products, our clients no longer have to climb ladders to paint or patch-up again.


In addition, the fully functional roofline systems that we install as roofing contractors drastically reduce the likelihood of future roof repairs. When installed by professional roofers, roofline products form a watertight seal around roofing timber and transport rainwater away from the roofing area as quickly as possible.


If you’re in need of a reputable roofing company in the Abingdon area, speak with one of our roofers on 01865 875 523 or 07836 687 672.

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